July’s Winner and August’s Giveaway

IMG_1072Hello to my fellow teachers! First of all, I’d like to take a moment to say to all of you who are going back into the classroom tomorrow (and in the next couple of weeks) best of luck on a rewarding, successful, and productive school year. I personally don’t go back until September, but August always has that little bit of a cloud over it as the end of summer draws nearer and all of the hopes, dreams, and fears of a new school year loom on the horizon. I hope everyone has had a chance to recharge their batteries during summer break. It’s so important as teachers that we have some downtime and time with our families and loved ones.

I’ve had a fun summer. I started off my summer break with that amazingly unforgettable trip to NYC that helped me to launch this little labor of love Teacher Sweepers. I’m so excited to see where this goes and watch it grow. I have high hopes for this blog, and I know with hard work and determination, it will grow and we will be able to offer bigger and better teacher-centered giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes.

Oh, New York! You made me fall in love with you and you inspired me to start Teacher Sweepers! I love New York!

Rest assured we are working hard behind the scenes to pull some strings to bring you some awesome prizes. We just got our ads up and running here on our website too in order to generate a little bit more income which will be recycled into our prizes and giveaways for fellow teachers. So, please, by all means – click on some ads for us! We also may have some upcoming links with affiliate marketing so we can make a little commission here at Teacher Sweepers to help our cause. We promise not to try to talk you into purchasing anything, and we certainly wouldn’t recommend anything we don’t personally use ourselves. But, we want to be totally upfront and honest with our readers because that whole transparency thing is something we are big on around here!

We’ve also started a Generosity campaign to help provide funds for a weekly giveaway (hey, we are total dreamers here at Teacher Sweepers, so we are dreaming big). You can check that out here. Please, feel free to share that link with people who might be interested in donating, especially any rich relatives, philanthropists, or anyone else who loves to give to great causes! We are also working on sponsors and donors to be able to bring you more amazing goodies. Also, if you didn’t catch the blog post about Teacher Sweepers asking for writers, check that out here. We’d love to have you be a guest blogger for us – no experience necessary.

Now accepting donations! We love our donors!
Now accepting donations! We love our donors!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who took the time to participate in our very first giveaway. I’m so excited to announce the winner and tell you about our next giveaway for August. I can’t just tell you the winner though, because of course, I need to build some suspense. So instead, I am going to tell you all about our next giveaway, and then I’ll tell you the winner, I promise. The August giveaway will always have a special place in my heart because it is the first actual donation I received after sending those donation letters out in early July. I am still in negotiations with some others, and I still have yet to hear from some. But I am keeping the faith that I will have plenty of other opportunities to work with some awesome companies to provide the best giveaways to my peers. I just know it will happen!

I must tell you that I reached out to one of my personal favorite education-centered companies for a donation, and they did not disappoint! To be honest, they were the only educational place that I sent out a letter to because I really, really, really love them. Teacher’s Discovery has been a favorite of mine for years now! I always look forward to their catalogs (go ahead and order one here, you won’t be disappointed, and you may even drool a little bit over the awesomeness of their products), and they seriously have some of the best and most unique products out there for teachers. What I love about this company is stated perfectly on their About Us page – here is an excerpt: “Teacher’s Discovery has been in the business of providing wacky, current educational tools and goodies for over 40 years. We started out selling T-shirts, and now we sell anything a teacher could want and need. Your classroom is your corner of the world, and we want to help make it as fun and interesting as possible.”

Our friends at Teacher’s Discovery want you to be spoiled a little, and they are offering a $25.00 gift certificate to one lucky winner! Thank you Teacher’s Discovery for such a generous donation! So, in order to enter this giveaway, what you need to do is take a look at their website and find your favorite item. Once you’ve picked your favorite product (good luck picking just one… seriously!) come back here and comment below with your favorite product from Teacher’s Discovery for your chance to win! One lucky winner will be picked and announced on September 1st, so you have all of August to check out the awesome goodies on their website.


Last but not least… We have to choose our winner for July’s contest! So… our July winner of the Amazon gift card is…  RHONDA P. who wants to purchase a new pencil sharpener!  Congrats Rhonda and check your email! Thanks everyone for participating in our giveaways!


Our very first giveaway!

what day is it
One of my favorite parts of summer – having no idea what day it is!

As you can probably see with this blog, I’m completely a newbie when it comes to this whole blogging adventure!  But, I am just so freaking excited about this whole teachers sweepstakes idea, that I have to get started with a giveaway.  So, because I haven’t had time to solicit companies or people for donations, I am going to foot the bill for the first giveaway.  Now, as a teacher, we all know that we don’t do what we do for the money.  As a matter of fact, this summer, I have two part-time jobs (mostly just to keep me out of trouble… but also for extra income).  That being said, I hope you will appreciate that although the first giveaway will be small, it is coming directly from me.

Without further ado, the first giveaway will be something that I know I personally would love to receive!  Since I think it will be easier to just send out a gift card (initially I am going to be footing the bill for a lot of the start up costs – including shipping of the prizes, so I figured I could pop a gift card in the mail easier than other bulky items) I am going with an Amazon gift card for our first winner.  This gift card will be for $25.00. Not a lot, I know – but enough for sure to get something nice for your classroom, or maybe just pamper yourself a little!

How would you spend a $25 Amazon gift card?

So, how do you win?  First of all, you must currently be a teacher, or entering into the teaching profession this fall.  I will require some sort of verification of this, just to weed out anyone who is just entering the giveaway out of greed or whatever other motivations someone may have. Please be prepared to somehow prove to me that you are indeed currently a teacher.  This could be emailing me from your school email, snapping a pic of your teacher ID, or somehow otherwise proving to me you are a teacher.  Sorry I have to do that, but I want to be very sure this goes to one of my fellow educators.

Yes! Summertime, and the living is easy!

Secondly, all you need to do is comment on this post.  Tell me what you would do with your $25.00 Amazon card.  Again, it can be for your classroom or for yourself.  We all know a little pampering of ourselves can be a very good thing, especially as we recharge our teacher batteries over summer break.

This contest will start today, July 5th, 2016, and will run until the last day of this month, July 31st, 2016.  The winner will be selected randomly, so although it doesn’t matter what you comment on the blog, you can still be creative and honest with your responses!  The winner will be emailed on August 1st, 2016, and will have a week to claim their prize.  If the winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected.  Hopefully next month, we will have sponsors and donations for our August giveaway – which will make it bigger, better, and more awesome!  Obviously, you don’t need to purchase anything (I’m not selling anything anyway…), and you can’t up your chances of winning by commenting multiple times – so please, one entry per person.

However, I would love for you to do me a favor. What can you do to help? Share this website with your teacher friends! Actually, share it with anyone who might like to just read the blog posts! The more traffic that visits this blog, the more income we can generate from ads and what not on here, then I can give away more useful and epic prizes to my fellow educators.  Good luck – I look forward to reading your comments!

If you need me, this is where I’ll be! Yes, this is actually where I live!